The 10 Best DIY Slime Recipes

The 10 BEST DIY Slime Recipes

The slime obsession is real. It’s fun to play with, there’s tons of different kinds to create and they’re a great homemade craft. Here are the 10 BEST DIY slime recipes. Let the slimming begin!


The 10 BEST DIY Slime Recipes

Magnetic Slime – Frugal Fun 4 BoysMagnetic Slime - Frugalfunforboys

Fluffy Fairy Slime – MomDot       fairy slime - momdot.jpg

Edible Gummy bear Slime – In The Kids Kitchen gummy bear edible slime - inthekidskitchen

Galaxy Slime – Two-daloo     galaxy slime - two-daloo.jpg

Glow In The Dark Slime – glow in the dark slime - growingajeweledrose.jpg

Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime – Left Brain Craft Brain Heat-Sensitive-Color-Changing-Thermochromic-Slime-Left-Brain-Craft-Brain-FB.jpg

Unicorn Poop Slime – Momdot Unicorn-poop-slime-recipe-tutoriail.jpg

Snow Slime – Frugal Fun 4 Boys snow slime - frugalfun4boys.jpg

Spaghetti Slime – The 36th Avenue How-to-make-Spaghetti-Slime.jpg

Glitter Slime – Mom Luck make-homemade-slime-recipe-565x1024.jpg 




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