25 DIY Rainbow Crafts To Brighten Up Your World

25 DIY Rainbow Crafts To Brighten Up Your World

Rainbows, they’re gorgeous, good luck and oh so colorful. If you’re a DIY lover, these are for you! I love creating DIY items at home and with all the amazing blogs out there it’s like we have endless crafts available to create. From easy to elaborate and everything in between, you’re sure to find great crafts to create within your rhelm of expertise! I’ve rounded up 25 DIY Rainbow Crafts that are going to brighten up your world!

DIY Lush Inspired Rainbow Bubble Bar – Muffin Chanel DIY Rainbow Bubble Bar - Muffin Chanel.jpg

DIY Rainbow Pony Bead & Prism Suncatcher – Rhythms of Playrainbow-sm-bottom-pbp-suncatcher-sq

DIY Rainbow Slime – Schooling a Monkey rainbow-slime-f.jpg

DIY Rainbow Crayons – My Frugal Adventures DIY rainbow crayons - my frugal adventures.jpg

DIY Rainbow Jar – Playdough to Plato rainbow jar - playdough to plato.jpg

Monogram Rainbow Crayon Art – A Mom With A Lesson Plan monogram rainbow crayon art - a mom with a lesson plan.jpg

DIY Rainbow Handprint Painting – Kids Craft Room handprint rainbow painting.jpg

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Backpack – Momtastic rainbow watercolor backpack - momtastic

Magic Rainbow Jello – No Biggie raiMagic-Rainbow-Jello-Jigglers-NoBiggie.net_.jpg

Rainbow In A Jar – Flax & Twine rainbow in a jar - flaz and twine.jpg

DIY Rainbow Fairy Wands – Rhythms of Play diy-rainbow-ribbon-fairy-wands-for-kids-pin3.jpg

Rainbow Button & Bead Art – The Cottage Mama  RainbowThreadButtonandBeadArtTutorial

DIY Crochet Rainbow Cup Cozy – Tuts Plus wink-rainbow-cup-cozy-finished2.jpg

DIY Rainbow Heart Suncatchers – Fireflies + Mud Pies Rainbow-Heart-Suncatchers.jpg

Rainbow Rainy Day Art – Rhythms of Play Rainbow-Rainy-Day-Art-Pin7

Rainbow Folded Paper Garland – Minie Co rainbow paper garland.jpg

DIY Rainbow Pinwheel – Suishy Ball (Youtube) how to make a rainbow pinwheel.jpg

DIY Rainbow Roses – Home Estheticslearn-how-to-make-simple-colored-and-rainbow-roses-step-by-step-diy-project-e1492902890380.jpg

DIY Rainbow Painted Mason Jars – Celebrations 2013-05-27-coppola_diy_mason_jar_centerpiece_decoration-1.jpg

DIY Rainbow Button IPhone Case – Living Well Spending Less DiY-Rainbow-Button-iPhone-Case.-This-is-SO-cute-Make-a-custom-iphone-cover-using-a-clear-5-cover-and-some-spare-buttons.-1024x1024.jpg

DIY Rainbow Popsicle Soap – DIY Inspired Soapsicles.jpg

DIY Rainbow Rice – Mama’s Little Muse rainbow rice - mamas little muse

DIY Rainbow Tie Dye Surprise Cake – DIY Tag diy-rainbow-tie-dye-surprise-cake-tutorial-2-512x1717.jpg

DIY Rainbow Paper Heart Pom Pom Wreath – Hello Wonderful 3-rainbow-heart-paper-pom-pom-wreath.jpg

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