10 DIY Seashell Crafts

I live on the coast of Vancouver Island so naturally I love the ocean. I regularly collect shells I find on the beaches and these 10 DIY Seashell Crafts are perfect for them. If you aren’t on a coast where you can go hunting for seashells you can find them in craft stores for great prices. Shell crafts make great gifts, decor pieces for your living room, door, nursery & more!

25 DIY Seashell Crafts

1. Simple Seashell Wreath | So Much Better With Age25 DIY Seashell Crafts

2. DIY Seashell Candle Jar | Between Naps on the Porch 25 DIY Seashell Crafts

3. DIY Seashell Mirror | Puddy’s House 25 DIY Seashell Crafts

4. Framed Seashell Monogram | Purple Hues and Me 25 DIY Seashell Crafts

5.  Seashell Bridal Bouquet | Seashell Crafts and Beach Blog 25 DIY Seashell Crafts

6. Seashell Shadowboxes | It’s The Little Things 25 DIY Seashell Crafts

7. Easy DIY Seashell Candles | She Knows 25 DIY Seashell Crafts

8. DIY Seashell Hairpins | SWELL Blog25 DIY Seashell Crafts

9. Clam Shell Critters | Free Kids Crafts 25 DIY Seashell Crafts

10. Seashell Necklace | Martha Stewart 25 DIY Seashell Crafts

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